Production Stages

Mutçalı textile has been producing towel, bathrobe and hotel textile products for more than 30 years. Along with that, it sells wholesale towel and customized towels via Mtclinen. Mutçalı textile conducts all these works with its 350 employees in an integrated facility within a closed area of 64.030 m2.

Brief information about our raw material

Enabling the livelihood of an important number of people in agriculture sector, cotton is also a raw material resource for the yarn industry, which is based on cotton. In addition to providing employment through cotton farming and industry, cotton is also a plant that has important contribution to textile sector with its fiber and to oil sector with its cottonseed and to livestock sector with its cossette. In Turkey, being one of the countries where the most quality cottons are farmed, the cotton production shows an increased rise.  Right now, Turkey ranks number 6 in terms of world cotton production.

Production Process

Take a look at how the production process takes place through the photos taken from our integrated facility.

  • Yarn Production
  • Weaving
  • Dye House
  • Garment & Embroidery
  • Quality Control & Packaging