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Mtclinen has been serving in the area of towel production since 1978
Mtclinen is the towel production and hotel textile brand of Mutçalı Tekstil. Our company started to manufacture towels in 1978.  And it continues today. Our company, which made towel production with very few weaving looms under limited conditions in the first years when it started to manufacture towels, has become a fully integrated towel production facility that can make the whole production process in its own body. You can view the photos taken from our yarn fabirika, warp and weaving factory , paint factory and finally garment factory in our production department and get more detailed information about the towel production process.

Our company produces towels for many countries.
Our company produces 120 tons of towels per month and exports most of its products to European countries. Our company, which has a domestic market, also works with developed countries such as Russia, America, Canada, UK and Israel.  Our company, which mainly exports, cooperates with many companies in the country.

Sectors that demand the most towel production;
Our main towel production sectors are home textile brands in Europe and America, big brands in home textile, big wholesalers, hotel textile suppliers, laundry companies, hotels, hospitals, sports halls, spa centers, health clubs, promotion companies. We manufacture towels on order in desired sizes, grams and patterns.
We are working with high quality understanding in towel production

Our company's quality certificates show only a fraction of the service we offer. It shows the conditions under which the production process takes place, such as what rights the employees have. The best quality towels do not mean a great deal on their own, in the same way that being able to produce the cheapest towels does not mean a great deal on its own. We aim to provide the highest quality at the most affordable price with our integrated facility. In addition, with our high production capacity and dynamic staff, we are able to meet the demands in a very short time when needed.

Our costs are always lower due to the fact that our entire production process is within our own structure. Which allows us to offer a better price. Our personnel who work for quality at every stage of the production process go through the product inspection process many times before your orders reach you and intervene immediately in case of a possible mistake. This allows us to offer you better quality. Since we are not external dependent in the production process, we can draw the Order Terminals to the nearest dates. We are able to manufacture towels at the best quality at the most affordable price and under the conditions mentioned in the shortest time.